Many thanks for your cooperation and best wishes for my brother Gary. I want to say thanks to all at Prostate Cancer Canada for making us in the Masonic Grand Lodge all the more motivated to do what we can to get in the way of this wicked disease. My sincerest best wishes to you and all the staff.

Wanted to thank you so much for sending me the tie...can't believe you actually remembered. The day after the big breakfast kick off that Nicole & I attended, his good friend CS told me he really wanted to get a tie. I told him that I wish I had known as you were all selling them at the breakfast. (Nicole & I each bought a scarf for ourselves). He then asked me to get him one at the walk because on the web site it said that you'd be selling them there. I never actually told him that you'd send me one in case you forgot. Last week CS called me to tell me he has "Prostate Cancer". This is the second friend that has come forward to me since Mark has passed away to tell me they have it. Its unbelievable. Thanks for letting me do a brief speech at the walk. I just showed up...because I knew Mark would want me to...it just felt right. Also, thanks so much for the tie.

I work with newcomers to Canada who are taking English as a Second Language. I want to say thank you very much for sending us the information on Prostate Cancer. I would like to let you know that our men went for PSA and a complete physical examination for the first time since they came to Canada. This year, we have about 120 men view the DVD and the material you sent me. After that, about 80 men indicated their interest to go for the test. The male doctor who graciously took us in saw about 47 men, and he will see the rest of the  men in the new year. This gives us a great joy that we can help newcomer men through this process, and we hope to see it grow. Thank you so kindly for the good work you are doing. 
~ D

I received the resources that I requested.  I have to thank you very much, for the very quick service and delivery.  I have some people in the Movember Campaign, which is an awesome way to break the ice, for prostate cancer.  It is really neat to see men being challenged to grow a moustache, and daily being asked "why' and having a discussion.  I hope that there are other people who do use resources that are available to them to promote and bring awareness of Prostate Cancer, among many other diseases and illness.  Once again, I would like to thank you.  I hope to be able to draw on ProstateCancer.ca for further information in the upcoming year 2011. 
Occupational Health Nurse - Workplace Wellness Initiatives

I would like to thank you for the package you sent us once again.  The pins and magnets were well received. When I first started doing Movember it was because it looked like a lot of fun and was definitely for a good cause.  Little did I know exactly how many people prostate cancer touches. We have been thanked by numerous people who have had loved ones pass away and some are just finishing their last sessions of chemotherapy.  It is a disease that will strike 1 in 6 men but it effects so much more. Our bake sale raised over $790.00 which we added to our Team, the Hamilton Mo's, as part of the Movember fundraiser. Thank you again for your assistance, I hope I can contact you again next year.
~ Glen

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Cancer de la Prostate Canada et la Fondation Movember annoncent l’octroi de quatre millions de dollars en subventions de recherche

Toronto, 23 octobre 2018 – Cancer de la Prostate Canada et la Fondation Movember ont annoncé aujourd’hui l’octroi de fonds à hauteur de quatre millions de dollars à trois chercheurs canadiens qui s’efforceront de prévoir comment le cancer de la prostate réagira au traitement, selon des marqueurs biologiques des patients, en particulier ceux qui se trouvent dans les cellules tumorales et le sang de ces derniers, ce qui ouvrira la voie à une personnalisation accrue des soins, à une atténuation des effets secondaires et à de meilleures chances de survie.

Des travaux de recherche se concentrent sur les hommes homosexuels et bisexuels atteints d’un cancer de la prostate

Vancouver, 25 septembre 2018 – La recherche financée par Cancer de la Prostate Canada ouvre la voie à l’amélioration de la qualité de vie des hommes ayant des rapports sexuels avec des hommes (HSH1) dans la communauté LGBTQ2+.

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