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Your donor dollars are having an impact on research that has the greatest potential to improve prostate cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment and ensure a better quality of life for survivors. 

Projects You Support

CPC-GENE: We have already committed to CPC-GENE, a 5-year, 15-million-dollar project. CPC-GENE aims to identify genetic patterns in men with prostate cancer, information that could be used to better detect tumours, determine tumour aggressiveness and identify the best treatment needed to personalize prostate cancer medicine. This project is supported by Movember.

A Survivorship Action Partnership (ASAP) is a collaborative network focussing on solutions provided by community and clinical organizations that will focus on the physical, mental and spiritual well-being of patients and their loved ones throughout the prostate cancer journey. This is a 10-million dollar investment over 3 years provided by Movember.

Clinician Scientist Awards: These awards provide salary and research support for outstanding clinician scientists initiating a career as independent investigators/junior faculty in prostate cancer research. Via Movember, your dollars supported 5 of these awards in 2012. For example, your funds enabled Dr. Peter Black at UBC to study a microfluidic device to detect cancer cells not picked up by standard methods. Identifying these cells may act as a biomarker of the patient’s disease status, help researchers learn more about how cancer spreads, and may reveal new targets for emerging treatments. 

Pilot Grants: Funded by Movember, the Pilot Grant program supports innovative research ideas that are at a very early stage with separate categories for new and established investigators. In 2012, your donor dollars supported 36 pilot grants. One innovative example is Jewish General Hospital (Montreal) Dr. Trifiro’s research, which looks at a “Trojan horse” approach used to target and kill prostate cancer cells using ultrasound.

PC- STAR: This project, funded by Safeway’s generous support of our Father’s Day Walk/Run, is conducted by researchers at the Prostate Cancer Centre in Vancouver and is focused on developing new treatments for prostate cancer when the tumour has spread and become hormone independent. 

BRCA 1/2: This national study looks at men who carry BRCA 1 and BRCA 2 genetic mutations, comparing those who have a family history of prostate cancer with patients who do not. The study is being led by a group of researchers in Toronto but involves collaborations with other researchers across Canada and is funded via PCC.

Committed Funds

The actual areas of research being supported by your donor dollars are illustrated by the following pie charts. The first chart shows the research you have made possible in the 2012 calendar year. The second pie chart shows funds committed to specific multi-year projects or those that extend beyond 2012.

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La Fondation Movember et Cancer de la Prostate Canada font équipe pour transformer la recherche en résultats

26 juillet 2017 – TORONTO (ONTARIO) – Fidèles à leur longue tradition de partenariat pour le financement de recherches de grande qualité sur le cancer de la prostate au Canada, Cancer de la Prostate Canada (CPC) et la Fondation Movember ont annoncé aujourd’hui deux nouveaux projets qui offrent un potentiel très réel de changer concrètement le cours des choses pour les hommes atteints de formes virulentes du cancer de la prostate.

La participation à la campagne Carreauté pour papa atteint des sommets inégalés à sa troisième année

6 juillet 2017 - TORONTO (Ontario) - Inaugurée en 2015, la campagne Carreauté pour papa de Cancer de la Prostate Canada (CPC) se confirme, d’année en année, comme le moyen que privilégient les Canadiennes et les Canadiens pour faire preuve de générosité à la fête des Pères.

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