Melanie Raposo and the PSA Challenge

My dad had a huge zest for life! He was kind-hearted and admired by everyone who knew him. He lived an active, healthy lifestyle and he excelled at everything that he did.

In April 2010, at 49-years old, he was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer. Doctors told him that it’s likely he developed cancer in his late thirties or early forties, during which, he never had a single symptom. He tried every treatment available—he was getting better and we were getting more hopeful by the day. Then we received some bad news.

The cancer had become more aggressive and spread to his brain. He tried a few rounds of radiation therapy, but in the end, the doctors said there was nothing more they could do for him. And, after a 16-month battle, in August 2011, my dad passed away peacefully at home with his loving family by his side.

My dad's will to live and his love for his family gave him such an incredible strength to keep fighting the whole way through. My dad’s courage inspired me to share his story and help to raise money in support of prostate cancer research. That’s why, in 2012, I hosted the first annual PSA Challenge in support of Prostate Cancer Canada.

The PSA Challenge is like the Amazing Race, jacked up and infused with the best parts of reality TV. Teams make their way through urban chaos as they race against the clock to solve clues and complete challenges. This year, the winning team walked away with $2000 in travel vouchers, $200 in spending money, $400 in Jack Astor’s gift certificates and a cool electronics gift pack. Plus there were prizes for 2nd and 3rd place teams, highest raisers and best dressed.The second annual PSA Challenge (September, 2013) was a success, raising over $6,000!

The PSA Challenge, dedicated in memory of my dad, is my way of continuing to fight this awful disease.

Melanie Raposo,
The PSA Challenge, Organizer

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Prostate Cancer Canada's vision is to be a global leader in the fight against prostate cancer. Your support will help us achieve this ambitious goal.

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