Prostate Cancer Canada Supports Innovation with Awarding of Movember Discovery Grants

Toronto, ON – Aug 14, 2014 – As part of our ongoing strategic commitment to prostate cancer research, Prostate Cancer Canada (PCC) is proud to announce the recipients of the 2014 Movember Discovery Grants, awarded by PCC, funded by Movember. This program allows both junior investigators at the start of their research careers and more established investigators to pursue important new directions in prostate cancer research. Each recipient of the Movember Discovery Grant will receive up to $200,000 in funding over a two-year term.

This year 26 grant recipients have been funded, encompassing a varying range of projects that deal with the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and management of prostate cancer. “Early discoveries in prostate cancer research are crucial to eliminating death and suffering caused by prostate cancer, and Prostate Cancer Canada’s mandate is to seek out and support those projects with the most potential to have an impact on this disease,” says Rocco Rossi, President and CEO of Prostate Cancer Canada. “We are dedicated to enacting our strategic plan that will form the basis for future improvements in the entire arena of prostate cancer.”

Projects funded explore a number of topics, including improving the quality of surgery, new methods for administering chemotherapy, and suppressing the spread of the disease. One particularly interesting project focuses on depression and prostate cancer.

“It’s very promising to see so many high-potential projects being funded this year,’ says Dr. Stuart Edmonds, VP of Research, Health Promotion and Survivorship at Prostate Cancer Canada. “Projects like the one looking at prostate cancer and depression are incredibly innovative and important. Findings from this particular study will be able to provide more help to patients’ mental health along with their physical health.”
Funding for this program is made possible by the Movember Foundation, which raises funds and awareness for men’s health, including prostate cancer.
“Thanks to our Mo Bros and Mo Sistas we are able to offer the Movember Discovery Grants that fund projects dedicated to breakthroughs in prostate cancer research,” says Pete Bombaci, Country Director, Movember Canada. “Together with Prostate Cancer Canada we are committed to having an everlasting impact on the face of men’s health.”
The Movember Discovery Grants provide innovative researchers with the resources to continue their breakthroughs in prostate cancer research. To keep up-to-date on research progress, visit us at or follow us on social media.

Thank You to Movember 
PCC would like to recognize the Movember Foundation as the sole funder of this program this year. For information about additional prostate cancer research underway, visit

About Prostate Cancer Canada
Prostate Cancer Canada develops, offers and funds innovative programs related to awareness and public education, advocacy, support of those affected, and research into the prevention, detection, treatment and cure of prostate cancer. For more information visit and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.
About the Movember Foundation
The Movember Foundation is an independent, global men’s health charity with a vision to have an everlasting impact on the face of men’s health. Operating in 21 countries, the Foundation is committed to driving significant improvements for men’s health issues – prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health. The organizational goals are achieved globally through strategic funding of research and health programs directly through the Foundation and via men’s health partners. The Foundation is dependent upon funds raised through its annual awareness campaign. During November each year, the Movember campaign is responsible for the sprouting of millions of moustaches around the world. Supported by the women in their lives, Mo Sistas, Mo Bros raise funds by seeking out sponsorship for their Mo growing efforts. Mo Bros effectively become walking, talking billboards for the 30 days and through their actions prompt conversations around issue of men’s health. For more information please visit Movember is a registered charity in Canada - BN 848215604 RR0001.
For interview inquiries with PCC, Movember or award recipients, please contact:
Justin Edmonstone
Coordinator, Marketing & Communications
Prostate Cancer Canada
416 441 2131 x 255                           
Movember Canada
Jill Kenney
778 837 1122
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