A Journey into My Soul - a poem

News breaks, my journey begins
Unlike other journeys I can find no map
Confused by networks of roads,
My destination is an unknown

Exhausted by the magnitude of my journey
I enter dark tunnels,
Blinded by the darkness,
The dim light of hope beckons me on.

Supported by those who love me
I feel strength of mind
Held hostage by a weak and trembling body
My eyes open to the essence of life.

My window to life is constrained and small
There is monotony to my view
New landscapes become medical centers
I fear what lies beyond each curve in the road ahead

Crisscrossing roads go in every direction
It is a bumpy road surfaced with many travelers
Stories of mirages, miracles and stark realities
Stories of journeys that end

After many months of unrelenting travel
The road still goes on forever
I recognize that this is an endless journey
This is a journey into my soul.

You can find this poem on YouTube
Posted: 2010-11-26 1:53:18 PM
Filed under: diagnosis, PCCN


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