Research Advisory Council


Research Advisory Council (RAC)

PCC is advised and counseled by a Research Advisory Council (RAC) that comprises prominent prostate cancer researchers. The role of RAC is to:
  • Synthesize the results of the peer review process and make recommendations for funding to senior PCC staff
  • Receive reports of the evaluation of PCC research programs and provide advice on the development of new programs and the ongoing improvements to existing programs
  • Lead the identification of strategic research areas that could be targeted with specific Requests For Applications
  • Evaluate the PCC peer review processes and recommend necessary enhancements on an ongoing basis
  • Recommend membership of peer review panels
  • Identify potential national and international opportunities for collaboration
  • Provide advice in the development and refinements of scientific and administrative policies
The Council will be composed of established prostate cancer researchers who:
  • Collectively represent expertise in all areas of prostate cancer research
  • Are broadly representative of all major regions in Canada
  • Individually have a strong track record in peer-reviewed research funding and research output
In addition, the Council will include 2 non-scientific members, one of whom must be a prostate cancer patient or survivor. Each will be identified and selected through a formal nomination process.

Call for Nominations 2016
Prostate Cancer Canada has been successful in supporting important, innovative research to improve the understanding of, and the effects of prostate cancer on men. Pivotal to this has been the establishment of the Research Advisory Council (RAC). RAC has an important role in ensuring Prostate Cancer Canada only funds research that has the greatest potential to impact this disease by identifying research priorities, overseeing the peer-review process and advising on PCC’s ongoing research projects and awards. With the release of the PCC Research Strategic Plan in 2012, under the guidance of RAC, great progress has been made in launching important research programs to accelerate the generation and impact of research findings. As PCC moves into its next phase of research funding, we are soliciting nominations for RAC membership to maintain the momentum of the last four years.
Specifically PCC is seeking individuals who:
  • are established independent health researchers with a focus or interest in prostate cancer
  • possess a clear understanding and demonstrated leadership experience of peer review processes for research funding
  • have a strong track record in peer-reviewed research grant funding and research output
  • have an understanding of how to evaluate the impact of health research programs
  • have knowledge of the Canadian health research funding landscape
  • preferably have experience in a research strategic advisory role in another organization
Each term of appointment is 3 years, renewable for a further term. Collectively RAC membership represents expertise in all areas of health research and is broadly representative of all major regions of Canada.
RAC meets in person at least once each year. Other meetings will take place by teleconference as needed. Members will be reimbursed for reasonable travel and accommodation expenses according to PCC’s travel policies. 
To Apply
Please send the following to constitute your nomination for membership to Prostate Cancer Canada’s Research Advisory Council:
  • a letter of interest introducing the nominee and  qualifications for this role
  • an abridged Curriculum Vitae (include information from only the previous five years)
Self-nominations are permitted.
Please send your nomination documents to Stephanie Bazinet, Coordinator, Research at no later than Friday, February 26, 2015. 
Appointments will be confirmed in early April.

Current Membership

Steve Belway, Community Representative, Calgary
Robert Bristow (Scientific Chair), University Hospital Network, Toronto
Michael Brundage, Queens University, Kingston
Kerry Courneya, University of Alberta, Edmonton
Juanita Crook, BC Cancer Agency, Kelowna
Jim Davie, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg
Stuart Edmonds (Ex Officio), Prostate Cancer Canada, Toronto
Aaron Fenster, Robarts Research Institute, London

Carolyn Gotay, University of British Columbia, Vancouver
Martin Gleave, Vancouver Prostate Centre, Vancouver

Winston Klass, Community Representative, Concord
John Lewis, University of Alberta, Edmonton
William Nelson, Johns Hopkins Medicine, Baltimore

John Oliffe, University of British Columbia, Vancouver
Marie-Elise Parent, INRS–Institut Armand-Frappier Research Centre, Laval
Fred Saad, Université de Montréal, Montreal
Gurmit Singh, McMaster University, Hamilton

John Valliant, McMaster University, Hamilton

As of June 5, 2015

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