Targeted RFP in Prostate Cancer Prevention

Prostate Cancer Canada invites applications for a literature review of the research into the role of modifiable risk factors in prostate cancer prevention. The systematic review should examine what is known about prostate cancer prevention (including research into diet, supplements and physical activity), what gaps exist in the research, and the level of evidence which exists for various modifiable risk factors in prostate cancer prevention. The current competition aims to identify and review existing research in order to provide PCC with a synthesized report of key themes, research outcomes and intervention priorities to inform prevention education and future prevention research.
Key Dates
Program Launch Date June 15, 2016
Application Deadline July 11, 2016 5:00 pm EDT
Anticipated Award Notification Date July 18, 2016
Earliest Start Date July 18, 2016
For more information please see the full RFP

Questions asked in advance of the application deadline will be posted here with their answers. Updated July 6, 2016

Q: What is the maximum length of the proposal?
A: The description of the proposed approach and work plan should not exceed 2,500 words

Q: The main deliverable is a full report to Prostate Cancer Canada. However, is the project lead and team able to publish their results in the peer reviewed literature?
A: PCC encourages the authors’ peer-reviewed publication of this report.
Q: Should the review focus on RCT evidence or should the review to be more comprehensive (including cohort, case-control and laboratory studies)?  The report would then discuss the quality of evidence from these various sources.
A: PCC encourages review of all existing evidence with a discussion of the quality of evidence from the various sources.
Q: Request for clarification around elements of Section V
6) Please provide the names of two references for each proposed candidate, and project lead, who can speak to the relevant work of the candidate(s) and project lead.

8) Within your proposal please speak to the scope of the project, including how many documents, publications, etc. you anticipate being able to systematically review.

9)Please draft a proposed outline for your final report, which includes brief description of each section of the report.

Q: If we are successful in receiving the grant, the full amount of $25,000 is transferred to us only upon delivery of the final report (after completion of the project)?
A: Yes. Payment will be made by invoice upon delivery of the final report. If the successful proponent requires an alternate payment arrangement, adjustments will be considered on a case by case basis.

Q: Can we address select modifiable risk factors to address in the systematic review or should all modifiable risk factors be included?
A: PCC is requesting that the systematic review be as comprehensive as possible, reviewing all modifiable risk factors for prostate cancer.

Q: What qualifications are required for team members?
A: There are no minimum qualifications required for the project team. The review panel will make recommendations as to which proposal should be funded based on the following criteria:
1. Overall objective and extent of the proposed systematic review
2. Qualifications and performance history of the project team
3. Clear identification of approach and demonstrated knowledge of subject area
4. Justification of the proposed project budget
5. Feasible methodology to complete work within project time frame

Q: Would a computer purchase count as equipment (non-allowable) or research materials (allowable)? Similarly, would an EndNote licence count as an allowable expense?
A: Computer purchase would count as equipment (non-allowable), while an EndNote license would be an allowable expense.

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