Spotlight on Survivorship

ASAP Review
We are pleased that the momentum for “A Survivorship Action Partnership” (ASAP) continues. ASAP is a collaborative network that will offer solutions to help improve the lives of prostate cancer survivors and their partners, caregivers and family members across Canada. Programs funded will provide information and resources on a variety of topics, such as physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

Where are we in the development of ASAP? We have put together a Review Panel that consists of a multi-disciplinary team of experts to peer review applications. This panel will recommend members to be selected for participation in the ASAP Network. The recommendations will then be reviewed by an ASAP Evaluation Committee who will ensure the proposed membership includes all required specialty skillsets and contains representation from across the country. Successful applicants will be invited to form the ASAP Network and collaboratively develop a proposed set of solutions to be included as part of the ASAP Framework.

What are the next steps? The ASAP Framework will work to confirm:
  • A set of proposed survivorship solutions
  • Day-to-day operational functions of the network
There will be a meeting of the ASAP membership in early 2013 to determine priority areas and develop solutions.

Photo credit: Stefan Davdison

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