Prostate Cancer; the diagnosis that changes lives

Presenter: Roberta Casabon
Original Date: Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Join Roberta as she shares her family's prostate cancer journey. She will discuss:
  • Coping with the diagnosis.
  • Strategies to keep organized and maintain a sense of balance.
  • The cardinal rule: Always be prepared.
  • Her vision moving forward.

Roberta Casabon's Biography:

In 2002 Glenn and Roberta began their eight-year journey with Prostate Cancer. Together they aggressively countered each new development with a resolve that never wavered. With an indomitable spirit, a positive attitude and a sense of humour they embraced life and all its new challenges. It is with this same commitment that Roberta carries on the battle they began together. 

In memory of her late husband, Roberta continues to speak openly about Prostate Cancer. As a widowed survivor she is a strong advocate for a pro-active stance when dealing with prostate health.  She now volunteers for Prostate Cancer Canada adding her support and voice to public awareness campaigns. In her role as an advocate for the caregiver/partner she gives a voice to the supportive caregiver community and endeavours to expand connections between other widowed survivors.

Expert Angle
About Expert Angle

Expert Angle is designed to expand our reach and address the many varied and complex questions that come with a prostate cancer diagnosis. These webinars will address topics important to men with prostate cancer along different points of the cancer care continuum and those within their circle of care as well as the general public and representatives from the clinical community.
The meetings are hosted using interactive on-line technology and feature leading experts in prostate cancer - making them accessible to anyone, regardless of their location, within Canada. The platform allows PCC to communicate directly with individuals in a variety of settings (i.e. in their homes, support group meetings, community centres) and geographic locations (i.e. urban, rural and remote locations) as well as measure engagement.   

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