My dad lost his long, courageous battle with prostate cancer on October 1, 2013, surrounded by the love of his family at home. I want to tell his story to let others know that even one missed PSA test can mean the difference between life and loss.

My dad was a family-first kind of guy. Stubborn and kind, he was enjoying life in his 50’s, proud of his work and proud of his kids. He was good about going to the doctor to get his prostate checked regularly. It only took one missed appointment for his life and our lives to change forever.

Dad started to lose weight. We attributed it to more time outside walking the new dog. But it was something else entirely. After a virus-induced eye problem sent him to the doctor, his doctor noted that it had been a while since he had his prostate checked. He did some tests.

The diagnosis was swift and serious. My dad had stage 3 prostate cancer. His PSA scores were very high. From that day forward, he began a journey of treatments, side effects, improvements, hope, cancer spreading, more treatments and clinical drug trials. Anything to try to beat the disease.

With all of the ups and downs, changes and uncertainty and worsening of his condition, my dad took everything in stride and stayed positive. He kept insisting that we not treat him like a sick person. We never did.

When there were no more options available to my dad, we did what so many other families do—enjoyed the time we had left together and treasured our stubborn, kind, loving dad. Since the time of his diagnosis, he had the joy of becoming a grandfather to two sweet little boys and he got to see me get married via Skype. I take comfort that he knew that love and happiness in his lifetime.

My dad loved us. We meant the world to him. And he meant the world to us. He is missed everyday by all of us, and we're doing our best to take it one day at a time. He was a big part of our lives and our hearts have a crack that will never truly heal.
I know my dad would want me to tell his story. He would also want me to ask you to support Prostate Cancer Canada by donating online, so more men will know to get tested early and regularly, increasing their chances of surviving this largely treatable disease.

My dad didn’t survive prostate cancer. But you can help his legacy live on in the survival of other Canadian men. Please donate now.

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