Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

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Phillip Crawley: It’s very important that your partner has an understanding of what is happening regarding the short- and long-term effects to reduce the level of anxiety.

Jeremy Godfrey: Dad’s cancer was getting worse and so was the prognosis - he was now in stage 4. His doctors... decided to see if my dad would be a suitable candidate for a clinical trial.

Jim Sullivan:
As my doctor listed the results of each test, one-by-one, it was all good news. Eventually I said, “It’s the PSA test, isn’t it?” He hung his head in response.

Anoop Dogra: I had no family history of prostate cancer, no risk factors, and as far as I knew, 40-year old men weren’t diagnosed with the disease.

David Woollcombe: I wasn’t too concerned about the potential side effects of treatment – I knew that none of them would matter if I was dead.

Melanie Raposo: My dad had a huge zest for life! He was kind-hearted and admired by everyone who knew him. He lived an active, healthy lifestyle and he excelled at everything that he did.

Doug McIntyre: A routine visit to the doctor to deal with a poison ivy encounter revealed that my PSA had jumped significantly.


Jackie Bender:
My work in prostate cancer aims to improve survivors access to health information and communication technologies...

Peter MacDonald: Today, I'm the volunteer coordinator of PCCN - Halifax - a support group for prostate cancer survivors and their families.

Frank Leslie: There was a time when no one talked about cancer. It was known as the ‘Big C’. Everything surrounding the disease was very hush-hush.

Prostate Cancer Awareness Month Proclamations

Prostate Cancer Canada would like to thank the many individuals, municipalities and governments that helped to declare September Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. The map below indicates where the cause has been proclaimed for September and will continue to be updated throughout the month.

Prostate Cancer Awareness Month Events

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PCC Spotlight
1.5 million Canadian men over 50 now at unnecessary risk for prostate cancer

Toronto (ON) – September 26, 2019 – New findings released today in a Prostate Cancer Canada nationwide survey suggest 1.

$2 million invested in new prostate cancer research

Prostate Cancer Canada and Movember partner to fund ten research projects breaking new ground

Dream car draw a win for all Ontarians affected by prostate cancer

February 22, 2019 – TORONTO, ON – A dream came true today for Harold Mutter (ticket #19273), the lucky winner of a 2018 Acura NSX valued at more than $235,000 - the prize for Prostate Cancer Canada’s seventh Rock the Road Raffle.

Researchers discover common markers of tumour hypoxia across 19 cancer types

Landmark pan-cancer study analyzes mutation signatures of low oxygen in more than 8,000 tumours

Rock the Road Raffle returns with its most valuable car to date

A 2018 Acura NSX to be prized by Prostate Cancer Canada and TADA at the AutoShow  

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