This September, let’s turn awareness into action

Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

Since Prostate Cancer Canada was created in 1994, the death rate from prostate cancer has dropped by half. Other encouraging news is that if it is detected early, survival is now close to 100 per cent. But if detected late – 3 of 4 men will die.

This September - Prostate Cancer Awareness Month - let’s get the men in our lives to talk about the prostate specific antigen (PSA) test with their doctor and make an informed decision about the best testing approach for them.

Thomas Maxwell of Victoria, B.C., knows the importance of the PSA test. He has prostate cancer that has spread. There is no cure for him, the best he can hope for is as much time as possible.

When he was 58, he had a PSA test and everything was fine. Three years later, his level had climbed - slightly. Four years later, his wife encouraged him to have another test. This time, the number painted a chilling picture: he had prostate cancer. His message today: “I would really suggest to people to have regular PSA tests, because had I had one in that four-year window between 61 and 65, the disease probably wouldn’t have advanced to the stage that it was when they found it.” Read his story and watch the video.


Get informed, talk to your doctor

  1. Read about the PSA test for early detection
  2. Understand your risk factors: Are you a black man? Do you have a family history of prostate cancer? Your risk increases as you get older, especially after 50
  3. Talk to your doctor about the right testing approach for you. Ask these questions:
    1. What is my risk of developing prostate cancer?
    2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of being tested for prostate cancer?
    3. Should I have a PSA test and a digital rectal exam?
    4. What happens if my PSA levels are high? Do I have another PSA test or other tests?
    5. What happens if my PSA levels are normal? When should I get tested again?
  4. Join the conversation to spread the message about prostate cancer – especially the importance of early detection. Follow Prostate Cancer Canada on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram

25 years of making a difference

Because the death rate from prostate cancer has been cut in half in the last 25 years, there are many more survivors! But their needs are not always being met by the health care system. Dr. Jennifer Jones studies and implements survivorship programs. Read the story and watch the video.
A team of which Dr. Laurence Klotz was a member received Prostate Cancer Canada’s first research grant in 1996. Their work has changed prostate cancer treatment – around the world. Read the story and watch the video.


Shane Bagni, like Prostate Cancer Canada, turned 25 in 2019. His father has prostate cancer – so he is living with the knowledge that he is at greater risk and trying to make a difference for everyone affected by the disease. Read Shane’s story.
Calgary nurse Judy Weir has been cared for patients who have had their prostates removed at Rockyview Hospital in Calgary for 25 years. She’s seen a lot of changes and improvements in care. Read Judy’s story.
Dr. Glenn Bauman has been a radiation oncologist for 30 years. He has seen a lot of improvement in prostate cancer treatment over his 30 year career – including improvements arising from his own research. Read his story and watch the video.


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Wake Up Call Breakfast

Join us for an unforgettable morning dedicated to raising funds for research in the fight against prostate cancer. The Wake Up Call breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and is taking place in cities across the country this fall.

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The Annual EXACT Yorkville Run

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The 13th Annual Cruisin' for a Cure Canada

Join us on Sunday, September 8th for Cruisin' for a Cure Canada at Brampton's Powerade Centre! As always, all rods, customs, muscle and classic cars, as well as trucks, motorcycles and snowmobiles are on display with net proceeds being donated to Prostate Cancer Canada. 

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