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Healthy Eating

Eating well may help to reduce your risk of developing prostate cancer. During treatment, adjusting your diet may help you manage treatment side effects, and eating well after treatment may lower your risk for secondary cancers as well as improve your overall health.

For information about eating well following a diagnosis of prostate cancer, please download, or order our 'Nutrition Guide for Men with Prostate Cancer.'



Nourish Extra: Building Meals that Work

Building Meals that Work is the first of three pamphlets in the new Eat Well Tips for Men with Prostate Cancer series created by Nourish. In this healthy eating guide, registered dietitians provide advice on creating simple and delicious meals that may help manage fatigue and weight changes associated with prostate cancer.
Click here to access the online version of Building Meals that Work.

Nourish Extra: Meal Planning

Meal Planning is the second pamphlet in the new Eat Well Tips for Men with Prostate Cancer series created by Nourish. This guide will help take the pressure off of meal preparation and is designed to assist those caring for someone with prostate cancer so they can focus on what matters most.
Click here to access the online version of Meal Planning.

Nourish eating for overall health brochureNourish Extra: Eating for Overall Health

Eating for Overall Health is the third pamphlet in the new Eat Well Tips for Men with Prostate Cancer series created by Nourish. Some men with prostate cancer are concerned about heart disease, diabetes, or becoming overweight due to treatment side effects. This guide, written by registered dietitians, will help you eat well with your overall health in mind
Click here to access the online version of Eating for Overall Health


For more information about foods to eat and ways to maintain a healthy diet through your prostate cancer journey, explore the Recipies and Nutrition Tips tab and these Expert Angle Webinars:

May 15, 2018

In this webinar, Dr. Carla Prado discusses the findings of a recently conducted review on diet and lifestyle factors that were found to influence the risk of prostate cancer. A list of the strongest risk and protective factors against prostate cancer are reviewed along with strategies for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, current guidelines for healthy living, including Canada’s Food Guide, are broken down so they can be implemented into your daily life.


Prostate Cancer Nutrition: Truths, Myths and Question Marks

February 9, 2016

Topics include:
• A healthy diet for prostate cancer
• How to modify your diet to manage treatment-related side effects
• Vitamins and minerals of interest
• Nutrition for prostate cancer survivorship and prevention

Getting Back into the Kitchen: Cooking Skills & Food Accessibility

March 8, 2016

Topics include:
• The impact of improved education around ingredient identification, cooking skills and food safety
• How to improve accessibility to good foods
• How essential culinary skills and education can improve self-management
• Programs and resources available to improve healthy culinary education


Diet, Lifestyle and Prostate Cancer with Dr. Vasundara Venkateswaran

June 28, 2016

Join Dr. Vasundara Venkateswaran to learn about:
• The effect of a key agent (capsaicin) in the diet as well as the impact of physical activity and its importance for prostate cancer patients
• How capsaicin interacts with receptors and nociceptors in the body and the potential of capsaicin being demonstrated in pre-clinical models of prostate cancer
• The benefits of physical activity for men on active surveillance

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