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Expert Angle Webinars: 2015

From Acupuncture to Zinc: The Role of Complementary Therapies in Prostate Cancer with Dr. Lynda Balneaves

January 6, 2015

This webinar will provide you with:
• ​A basic understanding of the evidence regarding the role of popular complementary   therapies in treating and managing prostate cancer.

• Advice about how to make safe and informed decisions about complementary         therapies.
• Where to find credible information about complementary therapies.

Lessons Learned from Treating Prostate Cancer for 35 years with Dr. Richard Casey

January 20, 2015

Prostate Cancer is a significant health issue for all men. As our life expectancy has increased the old adage "you die with prostate cancer, not from it" has become less true. Early diagnosis and appropriate treatment is still the cornerstone of Prostate Cancer care. There have been a number of recent therapeutic advances that have extended the life of the Prostate Cancer patient and there are more to come.

The Basics of Prostate Cancer with Dr. Andrew Feifer

January 27, 2015

In this Expert Angle webinar, Dr. Andrew Feifer presents “The Basics of Prostate Cancer”. Learn what prostate cancer is, how to diagnose it, and different treatment options.


Understanding Gay and Bisexual Men's Experience of Treatment for Prostate Cancer with Dr. Tae Hart

March 3, 2015

The purpose of this webinar is:
• ​To examine quality of life for gay and bisexual men diagnosed with prostate cancer   and how it compares to that of heterosexual men diagnosed with prostate cancer

• To understand satisfaction with medical care and fear of cancer recurrence
• To examine what accounts for changes in sexual activity and how gay and               bisexual men feel about these changes after prostate cancer treatment

Prostate Cancer: A Black Person's Perspective: Keep the Baby Lose the Bath Water with Dr. Tetteh Ago

March 10, 2015

In this Expert Angle webinar, Dr. Tetteh Ago provides a Black person’s perspective on prostate cancer. Prostate Cancer is our treacherous enemy. Learn how to keep the gained territory, while reducing collateral damage.


Deciphering Mutations in Prostate Cancer Through Epigenetics with Dr. Mathieu Lupien

March 24, 2015

In this Expert Angle webinar, Dr. Mathieu Lupien discusses:
• ​Epigenetic modifications annotate gene coding sequences
• Most mutations arising in cancer fall outside gene coding sequences
• Annotating epigenetic modifications in prostate tumours can inform on the function     of mutations outside gene coding sequences.

The Changing Face of Localized Prostate Cancer with Dr. Laurence Klotz

April 2, 2015

In this Expert Angle webinar, Dr. Laurence Klotz:
• ​Reviews 'smart screening' for prostate cancer.
• Discusses what is over diagnosis, and how can it be effectively managed.
• Explains what is active surveillance, and what are the results.
• Talks about where does focal therapy fit in the management of prostate cancer.


Exercise and Prostate Cancer Survivorship: Prevention, Preservation and Restoration with Scott Adams

April 28, 2015

Scott Adams presents “Exercise and Prostate Cancer Survivorship: Prevention, Preservation and Restoration”. This webinar covers:
• Common anti-cancer therapies used to treat prostate cancer are associated with       harmful and unintended side effects.
• Increasing evidence suggests that exercise may be effective in preventing,             controlling and reversing many of these risks and complications.

Prostate Cancer Metastasis: Tracking and Targeting an Elusive Enemy with Dr. Alison Allan

May 5, 2015

In this Expert Angle webinar Dr. Alison Allan describes the current knowledge about metastasis and the exciting developments in blood-based biomarker tests that may help find metastatic disease earlier and provide important information for effective, personalized treatment of prostate cancer.


Incontinence and Erectile Dysfunction with Dr. Sidney Radomski

May 19, 2015

This webinar explains what is urinary incontinence and erectile dysfunction. In addition to outlining the possible causes, diagnosis tests and treatment options for urinary incontinence and erectile dysfunction after prostate cancer treatment.


Putting Extra Life into the Extra Years for Prostate Cancer Survivors: Healthy Lifestyles and Hormone Therapies with Dr. Keith Jarvi

June 9, 2015

This webinar explains how healthy lifestyles are the best way to add years to your life and life to your years. The discussion will also include how, if needed, prostate cancer survivors can be safely treated with testosterone therapy.


Understanding Your Pathology Report with Dr. Dominque Trudel

July 14, 2015

During this webinar, you'll learn:
• What is the significance of the pathology report?

• How is the prostate transformed to make it readable to the pathologist?
• How does a pathologist analyze the prostate biopsy and the surgery specimen?


Prostate Cancer Genetics: From Generation to Generation with Justin Lorentz​

September 22, 2015

During this webinar, you'll learn about:
• Men at high risk for prostate cancer
• The role of genetics in prostate cancer
• Genetic testing for prostate cancer-related hereditary conditions


The Artificial Sphincter in the Management of Urinary Incontinence Following Prostate Cancer Therapy with Dr. Ron Gerridzen

September 29, 2015

Learning Points:
• Prostate cancer is common and often necessitates treatment which might result in   detrimental effects on urinary control and sexual function.
• The AMS 800 artificial urinary sphincter is very effective in restoring reasonably       good urinary control and thus quality of life for men whose urinary control has been   moderately to severely affected by their prostate cancer treatment(s).

Testosterone and the Prostate with Dr. Larry Goldenberg

October 6, 2015

During this webinar, you'll learn about:
• There is an intricate relationship between the hormone testosterone and prostate     biology
• Giving testosterone to a man with known prostate cancer is not dangerous if done   properly
• The impact of moderately low testosterone levels on the prostate is a very               different situation than the impact of hormone withdrawal therapy on cancer

When is Intermittent Androgen Deprivation Therapy an Option in Advanced Prostate Cancer? with Dr. Nicholas Power

October 13, 2015

During this webinar, you will:
• Understand the rationale for intermittent androgen deprivation therapy(IADT) in         men with advanced prostate cancer
• Determine which men should/should not be considered for IADT, describe               prognostic factors in patients undergoing IADT
• Discuss a practical approach to the use of IADT in clinical practice

Clinical Trials Nursing: How can we support you? with Marcie Flynn-Post

November 10, 2015

Learning Points:
• Types of research; how are clinical trials different from standard treatment?
• Where can one find out about clinical trials?
• What is the patient role in a clinical trial?
• What is the role of the oncology nurse in clinical trials; how can we help you?


Microvesicles: what is the role of these small bubble-like vesicles in prostate cancer? with Dr. Khalid Al-Nedawi

November 24, 2015

Learning Points:
• What are microvesicles?
• Biogenesis of microvesicles
• Role of microvesicles in cancer biology
• Diagnostic and therapeutic potential of microvesicles


Prostate Cancer Canada Reasearch Portfolio: From Discovery to Impact with Dr. Stuart Edmonds

December 8, 2015

Learn from Dr. Stuart Edmonds, Vice President Research, Health Promotion and Survivorship at Prostate Cancer Canada about:
• The prostate cancer research landscape in Canada
• How PCC makes decisions about research
• The difference PCC research investments are making

En Français

La prévention du cancer de la prostate: comment la recherch peut-elle aider? avec Dr Marie-Élise Parent

21 avril 2015

Regardez ce webinaire préenregistré de l’Angle de l’expert avec la professeure Marie-Élise Parent. La prévention du cancer de la prostate: comment la recherche peut-elle aider? Thèmes abordés:
• Comment mène-t-on la recherche visant à clarifier les causes du cancer de la prostate et à établir des stratégies de prévention?

Comprendre votre rapport de pathologie avec Dre Dominique Trudel

11 août 2015

Au cours de cette présentation, vous apprendrez:
• Comment la prostate est transformée pour être analysée par le pathologist
• Comment le pathologiste analyse la biopsie et le spécimen de chirurgie
• Quelle est la signification du rapport de pathologie


Facteurs de risque et diagnostic précoce du cancer de prostate avec Dr Alexandre Zlotta

1 septembre 2015

Thèmes abordés:
• Nouveaux facteurs de risque y compris les genes BRCA2
• Differences majeures entre prévalence, incidence et mortalité dues au cancer de la   prostate
• Les nouveaux tests diagnostiques moléculaires
• La place grandissante de la resonance magnetique nucléaire

Le cancer de la prostate récidivant : état des possibilités diagnostiques et thérapeutiques en 2015

17 novembre 2015

Thèmes abordés:
• Définir une récidive après le traitement du cancer de la prostate traité par                 radiothérapie, chirurgie ou castration chimique
• Présenter les différents traitements dans le bassin
• Présenter les nouvelles avancées thérapeutiques dans le cancer de la prostate       résistant à la castration.

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