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Understanding Prostate Cancer Package
Set of 4 handouts

This package of 4 handouts provides you with more information about the disease, what a diagnosis means, the treatment options available and the potential side effects of certain treatments.

Answering Your Questions

This brochure explains the basics of prostate cancer: the who, what, where, when and why. It also provides information about tests that are used for early detection and diagnosis. It also covers tests that are used to find out what type of prostate cancer is present and how far the cancer has spread.

Basics on Treatment

This brochure provides information about different treatments for prostate cancer including what to expect and any risks and side-effects. It will also provide you with sample questions to ask your doctor when discussing different treatment options.

Care and Support Post - Treatment

This brochure outlines information intended to help both you and your loved ones cope with prostate cancer. It also discusses common side effects of prostate cancer treatment, and how they may be managed or treated. Finally, different tips and considerations to keep in mind after treatment are presented.

Should I get screened for prostate cancer? What you should know about the PSA test

This brochure answers commonly asked questions about the PSA test used to screen for prostate cancer. It includes information about who is at risk for prostate cancer, how testing works, the advantages and disadvantages of the test and what the results can mean.

Prostate Cancer Playbook

This workbook has been designed to help men newly diagnosed with prostate cancer sort through some of their most important questions and better understand and plan for what lies ahead with treatment.  

Taking Care of You the Caregiver: Helping Provide Support 

This resource is designed to help the caregiver better understand how they can support their family member or friend as they face prostate cancer.  Also, this brochure explores how the caregiver can care for him/herself, and what emotional and practical suggestions caregivers can follow to help themselves.

An Advanced Prostate Cancer Diagnosis...Now What?

This booklet has been designed to provide men and their circle of care with answers to some of the questions they may have related to advanced prostate cancer.

Nutrition Guide for Men with Prostate Cancer

This guidebook provides men with information about eating well, along with instructions on how to manage treatment side-effects with food and physical activity. Frequently asked questions related to nutrition and complementary therapies are also listed.

Please note the “Nutrition Guide for Men with Prostate Cancer” is now out of circulation. For print copies, you can request “Eating Well When You Have Cancer” by contacting the Cancer Information Helpline at 1-888-939-3333.

My Cancer Fatigue Action Plan - Kit

A package of tools and strategies to improve cancer-related fatigue. 



Prostate Cancer Facts (Bilingual) 

This postcard provides a quick snapshot of the current statistics surrounding prostate cancer. It also promotes early detection.

The PSA Test

This postcard answers common questions about detecting prostate cancer early using the PSA test. Topics include risk factors for prostate cancer and PCC’s PSA testing recommendations.


Please Note: While our office is closed, your information will be passed on to a third party for distribution.


PCC Spotlight
Canadian Cancer Society and Prostate Cancer Canada celebrate their amalgamation

February 3, 2020 (Toronto, ON) – On the eve of World Cancer Day, the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) and Prostate Cancer Canada (PCC) have finalized their amalgamation.

1.5 million Canadian men over 50 now at unnecessary risk for prostate cancer

Toronto (ON) – September 26, 2019 – New findings released today in a Prostate Cancer Canada nationwide survey suggest 1.

$2 million invested in new prostate cancer research

Prostate Cancer Canada and Movember partner to fund ten research projects breaking new ground

Dream car draw a win for all Ontarians affected by prostate cancer

February 22, 2019 – TORONTO, ON – A dream came true today for Harold Mutter (ticket #19273), the lucky winner of a 2018 Acura NSX valued at more than $235,000 - the prize for Prostate Cancer Canada’s seventh Rock the Road Raffle.

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